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Fun Facts

I do most of my artwork using Adobe Photoshop software and a Wacom digital tablet. I like that the software makes it easy to erase mistakes and offers a wide variety of brushes and special tools.  

Disney mural.jpg

Sometimes I paint murals.

And sometimes I draw caricatures. 


My book Frenzy is full of all kinds of animals, but my favorite has to be the skunk. Because I had a pet skunk named Daisy when I was a kid. She was the cutest thing ever and smelled rather nice! Other unusual pets I've had include a shark, an alligator gar, and a crow.  

Ralph pumpkin.jpg

Carving Halloween pumpkins is always fun. Here's Ralph Wiggum from the Simpsons picking his nose. 


I've painted  theater sets like this one for the Charleston Music Hall. 

Christmas Town.jpg
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